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Planning CHATT Recruitment and Retention Learning Collaborative Application - 2021

The Planning Community HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance and Training (Planning CHATT) projects builds the capacity of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning councils and planning bodies (PC/PB) across the U.S. to fulfill their legislative responsibilities, strengthen consumer engagement, and increase the involvement of community providers in HIV service delivery planning. Planning CHATT is now offering learning collaborative TA opportunities that will provide virtual group learning sessions to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among up to ten PC/PBs.

Recruitment and retention of PC/PB consumer members is an ongoing challenge. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act requires that "not less than 33 percent of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) planning council shall be individuals who are receiving HIV-related services [under RWHAP Part A], are not officers, employees, or consultants" of funded RWHAP Part A providers, and "reflect the demographics of the population of individuals with HIV/AIDS" in the service area*. To support PC/PBs in this endeavor, Planning CHATT's first learning collaborative will focus on PC/PB member recruitment and retention. The learning collaborative will support PC/PBs in their efforts to develop a recruitment and retention strategy that prioritizes consumers and people of color. Participants will take part in monthly 90-minute virtual learning sessions and will complete post-session assignments. The learning collaborative will take place from February 2021 - June 2021.

* Section 2602(b)(5)(C)(i)
Who Should Apply

Any PC/PB who would like to strengthen their recruitment and retention strategy may apply. Participation will be limited to 10 PC/PBs, ideally representing a range of geographies and populations served. Selection into this learning collaborative will require a commitment to participate in all activities, including virtual learning sessions and assignments. In addition, each participating PC/PB will be expected to create an Implementation Team to support the development and invention of the recruitment and retention strategy. We recommend that the Implementation Team be 3-5 persons and include:
  • At least one person who serves in a planning council leadership role (e.g., PC/PB Co-Chairs, Membership Committee members, other committee chairs)
  • At least one unaligned consumer member
  • One representative from the PC/PB Support (PCS) staff
Commitment and Expectations

Learning collaborative participants are expected to:
  • Actively participate in five (5) virtual 90-minute learning sessions and complete related assignments
  • Assess their PC/PB's current recruitment and retention efforts
  • Share progress toward goals and challenges faced over the 6-month LC period
  • Develop or revise a recruitment and retention strategy that includes specific goals and timelines
  • Meet as an Implementation Team at least once a month outside of the virtual session to work on assignments related to the recruitment and retention strategy development.
PC/PBs who have full involvement in their teams are likely to see the greatest impact from learning collaborative participation.
Instructions and Key Dates

If you are interested in applying, please complete the following application in full, including the declaration of commitment section to be attested to by your PC/PB leadership. Applications must by submitted by December 2, 2020 at 5 PM ET.

If you have questions, please email in advance of the due date.