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HITEQ T/TA Request

Thank you for your interest in training and technical assistance (TTA) from HITEQ.  HITEQ is funded to provide health IT TTA to health centers.  TTA includes learning events, information, resources and/or consultation with experts and is delivered by:

  • Learning collaboratives, which are a series of structured virtual learning sessions involving health centers and subject matter experts engaging in didactic learning and discussion.
  • National or regional trainings, which may include workshops, webinars, office hours or another virtual format for sharing and discussion on current, evidence-based information on a priority health IT topic and/or innovation in the field of health IT.
  • Identification of Resources, on health IT topics, including curating existing tools or materials or collaborating to develop needed resources.
  • Virtual consultation, which offers tailored assistance from subject matter experts to support a specific health IT challenge or need, ideally for a group of health centers.
To better assess your needs, please fill out the form below and a TTA coordinator will follow up with you about your request.
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