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Massachusetts Mobile Vaccination Clinic Request Form

The Commonwealth is pleased to offer Massachusetts organizations the option to easily vaccinate groups against COVID-19. Mobile vaccination services are available for employers, schools, community organizations, priority populations, and other groups. Please visit our webpage for additional information and resources:

If you are interested in hosting a mobile vaccination clinic in your community, please fill out the following form. Clinics for children ages 5-11 will be prioritized at this time.

Please submit one (1) form request per location. A representative will contact you to follow-up on scheduling a clinic, if appropriate. 

The contact may take 5-10 business days. Please do not advertise your clinic until you receive confirmation from DPH that your preferred date and time is available.

If you are looking for a first, second or booster dose, over 500 locations are readily available. Please use the VaxFinder tool at to find a location near you.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee the availability of a mobile clinic. We will work with you to arrange a clinic that meets your community's needs, as possible.

At this time, clinics are not being held in buses, vans and/or other vehicles.

No ID or insurance will be required for vaccination. Clinics will offer the choice of the Pfizer, Moderna, and/or J&J vaccines. Vaccines will be free to all. Flu vaccines will NOT be offered.

Massachusetts is now vaccinating children under 5 years old against COVID-19. You are now welcome to request a clinic to include this population.

Minors 6 month -17 years may receive vaccination with appropriate consent provided electronically or in writing. Please review the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form:
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