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2022 Springfield Area Community Health Survey

What are the major health needs in this area?

We want to hear from YOU!
We are working with our partners to learn about the biggest health needs in this area. Please take about 10 minutes to help us by filling out this survey.

Your responses matter.
Our job is to better understand and serve the health needs of people living in this area. We need to hear from you and others about what these are. The results of the survey will help us direct services and programs to meet the needs of your community.

Your responses are private.
We do not ask for your name or how to contact you on the survey.

Enter a Gift Card drawing.
In appreciation for your time and input, you can choose to enter your name to win one of five $25 Visa gift cards. At the end of the survey, you will be redirected to a separate entry form when you click "submit". Entry in the gift card drawing is separate and optional. Your name cannot be linked to your survey answers. 

Have questions?
If you have questions about the survey or the results, please contact:

Anna Smith                                                                                 Tom Dougherty
Vice President, Marketing & Development                                 Director, Community Health
Springfield Hospital                                                                     North Star Health
802-885-7621 or                 (Formerly Springfield Medical Care Systems)
                                                                                                    802.886.8996 or

Thank you for your time and your help!

Springfield Hospital, North Star Health (formerly Springfield Medical Care Systems) and partners of the Springfield Area Community Health Collaborative